Coduo lets you share and collaborate in Xcode
Pair program and Chat in real-time.
Simple, fast and effective.

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About Coduo

We made Coduo because collaboration in Xcode just did not exist. Sure, you could use a clunky screen sharing tool - but they are terrible for sharing code with low quality streaming and no useful tools for programmers. You could also use Github and check code in & out between you, but the process is so slow, you can’t iterate fast and solve problems quickly.

Coduo fixes that with super high video resolution and a compact but power set of tools for remote pair programming. It’s realtime, easy, and fast.

We also wanted to create a lightweight and effortless experience, so Coduo does the unthinkable - and shares Xcode into any browser with no plugins and nothing else needed. Xcode, Coduo and a browser, that’s it.

When using Coduo, your Xcode project is streamed via a secure, one-time use URL. Your pair can join from any browser and is able to point and draw on Xcode and even take full control and use their keyboard and mouse on your machine. It even supports keyboard shortcuts and sharing Simulators so you can fully run and test your Apps together.

Now, let’s face it… coders will be coders, and sometimes we like to sit in the dark, or on the sofa, hell perhaps even the beach or the pool; so we chucked out the selfie-videos and save the bandwidth for higher fidelity code streaming and voice-chat. So, yep, you can code in your pyjama’s and no ones going to care.

Coduo is built for 1-to-1 sharing. This means it can run peer-to-peer so there are no servers between you and your pair and no infrastructure to slow you down. All your data is securely transmitted and never saved or stored on any server.

Coduo is available on the 5th of December and will be a free download. The free tier includes a huge 1000 free hours of streaming and the full set of remote tools. A Pro tier is available with unlimited streaming and extra features such as full display sharing and automatic window follow.

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About Lumen Digital / Ben Harraway

Ben is an indie developer from the UK and has been making iOS apps for 10 years.

He has a passion for creating interesting Apps that solve real problems and loves nothing more than solving hard technical challenges and using technology to improve or inspire people.

In 2019, he was a guest speaker onstage at WWDC19 and his App Noisy Book won a Best of AppStore 2019 award from Apple

Earlier in 2022 he also created Vivid, a macOS App that can double your MacBook display brightness