Coduo - Privacy
Our approach to your Privacy & Security

Overall Policy

At Coduo, we are not in the business of "Your Data". We collect as little data as possible and certainly never share or sell your data.

The data we collect is minimal, and only used for 2 purposes:

  1. To connect you with your Coduo partner
  2. To make sure the product is stable and working as expected

Connection Data

During a connection, Coduo will generate a unique 6 digit code - which is part of the URL you will share your partner. We also create a bit of data called an 'offer' which describes your network connections. The offer file only contains publicly available data.

This connection data is stored on our private server, and it is deleted as soon as your partner connects. Upon connection, your unique code is also deleted and unusable for anyone else.

For connections that are not succesful, the above data and code are automatically deleted after 10 minutes.

Other Data

We collect a bit more anonymous data. This is not tied to you as a user. We only use this to monitor App usage so we can make a better product and make sure Coduo is working well for everyone.

This is a direct screenshot of the only data we can see:

To confirm - this data is totally anonymous. We don't record exact mouse data or keypresses - only simple counts of how much you moved the mouse and how many total keypressed have been made.

Security and Technology

Coduo is based on several Apple APIs, WebRTC, and a whole bunch of homegrown magic.

You might want to look over the WebRTC protocols and security pages to understand how that works, but we assure you it's a well thought out and comitted protocol for secure communication.

You are welcome to contact us for more information on these matters.